Moshiach's Seuda

The Lubavitcher Rebbe encouraged people to keep to their family traditions. However, certain things he made clear that should be practiced by all Jews regardless of their background. Making a Moshiach's Seuda, as revealed by the Bael Shem Tov, was one of them. 

Moshiach's Seuda is a very auspicious time where the light of Moshiach is literally revealed. Making this Seuda with the matzah and 4 cups of wine, singing, etc. brings these lights of Moshiach down into the world and into ourselves. It is a time when we can gather any lost opportunities of Geula moments from the whole pesach and bring Geula in actuality. 

May the light of this Moshiach's Seuda bring the complete revelation of Moshiach in a literal way in the merit of all the Mesirus Nefesh of our people through the ages, and in the merit of the woman and children this year who have gone above and beyond in achdus and yearning for Moshiach!! 

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Kabbolas HaMalchus

Exciting News:


YOUnite to Welcome Moshiach campaign is launching part 3 of the campaign .... 

Collecting signatures from Chassidim all over the world to be Mekabel Pnei Moshiach Tzidkeinu, L’kovod י״א ניסן!!!

This is a huge opportunity be part of finishing the process to draw down the Geulah, and a powerful way to express our deepest bond with the Rebbe on his birthday. 

JEM captured one of these events on video. SEE below.

Click HERE to read the Rebbe’s responses to Kabbolas Hamalchus Petitions in 5751-5752* 


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