Kabbolas HaMalchus Response from the Rebbe

Exciting News:


YOUnite to Welcome Moshiach campaign is launching part 3 of the campaign .... 

Collecting signatures from Chassidim all over the world to be Mekabel Pnei Moshiach Tzidkeinu, L’kovod י״א ניסן!!!

This is a huge opportunity be part of finishing the process to draw down the Geulah, and a powerful way to express our deepest bond with the Rebbe on his birthday. 

*The Rebbe’s responses to Kabbolas Hamalchus Petitions in 5751-5752* 

• On the 4th of Iyar, 5751, approximately 250 people signed a declaration accepting the Rebbe as Melech HaMoshiach. 

The Rebbe replied: 

“The letter has been received with favor (teshuas chein). May this activity continue and increase. Azkir al HaTziun.” 

• On the 8th of Iyar a letter was sent to the Rebbe saying that at a meeting of over ten askanim and mashpi'im it was decided to continue gathering signatures.

On this letter, which was accompanied with additional signatures, the Rebbe answered: 

“Azkir al Ha'Tziun and may you continue to bring good news.”

• On Hoshana Rabba, 5752, a delegation of ten women from Crown Heights handed the Rebbe a second envelope with signatures accepting the Rebbe as Melech HaMoshiach. (The first envelope had been handed in on Erev Shabbos Chol HaMoed Succos). A representative of the delegation said: "We are a minyan of women, members of ‘a stiff-necked people,’ and we ask the Rebbe to reveal himself as Melech HaMoshiach and take us out of Exile immediately." 

The Rebbe replied: 

“Amen. Much success. Good news.” He then gave them an additional dollar, and continued: 

"This is for the letter, for the Pidyon Nefesh, and for the names.”

(This was BH captured by JEM!)

As a result of this, an assembly of the women of Crown Heights was convened to make people aware of the need to accept the Rebbe as Melech HaMoshiach, including through signatures. The assembly merited three answers from the Rebbe: 

A) In response to the flyer for the gathering: 

*"I will take the attached [flyer], with Hashem's help, to the Tziun. It is an appropriate time.” 

B) In response to a letter from the delegation mentioning that the gathering was being held as a result of the Rebbe's encouragement on Hoshana Rabba: 

"May it be with much success. The time and the matter are appropriate. Azkir al HaTziun.” 

C) In response to the report of N'shei Chabad after the gathering which included the topics discussed; among them the need to arouse the attribute of Malchus of the King through Kabolas Hamalchus (accepting his sovereignty), the unique power and obligation of the Jewish women in bringing the Redemption, and the special importance of the petition and the signatures: 

*I will mention it at the Tziun another time. It should continue with great and wondrous success, bakol, mikol, kol.”

• On the 3rd of Kislev, 5752, a group of women handed the Rebbe a beautiful box containing signatures. The representative of the group said: "Baruch Hashem there is wondrous activity in the campaign of ‘they shall seek out G-d and David their King - and they will find him.’ This campaign is being spread by N'shei Chabad, throughout the entire world, and to all shluchos We, N'shei Ubnos Chabad, accept, with this, Moshiach Tzidkeinu, the Rebbe Shlita. May he lead us upright to our Holy Land immediately, Mamash." 

The Rebbe replied: 

"Amen”, and looking at the box he asked, “This is for me? Good news." 

He then again looked at the box and the signatures and said: 

“In all matters one has to give tzedokah. May it be with great success, and may you go from strength to strength, until you go to G-d in Zion, in the true and complete Redemption. Blessing and success. Great success.”